Continuous learning and development is an essential part of the human capital life cycle. Training programs developed by Cagro adhere to the highest levels of quality, cost effectiveness, and compatibility within current industry standards.

Cagro believes that Leadership Development must be planned for each personnel type.

The audience group and training purpose identified below should be targeted, taking into account timing, locations, length of training, and accessibility of online and computer based training that support the audience’s needs. Cagro works in all media, including instructor-led, performance support, web/computer-based training, video, mobile, and synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. Audiences include new employees, current employees, leadership/future leaders, and technical employees. Training and Development is a very important part of an organisation which helps aid in the growth of both the organisation and the employee. Lifelong learning has become imperative for organisational sustainability.

This may involve the following:
• Identifying skills development requirements
• Clarifying the various skills that a particular individual needs to master
• Organisation wide training requirements
• Soft skills training, i.e. customer service, communication, leadership development, as well as technical skills such as computer skills and equipment operation capabilities
• Assisting HR professionals responsible for employee development
• Assisting in the sourcing of online or computer-based training programmes

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